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Getting Started

Interested in flying with us? New to drones? Just want to see more? Here's how you can get involved...

Hydra Tasting Tour

The Hydra Tasting Tour brings live #DroneRacing to all the top taprooms and distilleries around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, with the winning pilot taking home our coveted Hydra Cup traveling trophy. These events are family-friendly and we love seeing the next generation of pilots in the front row. Like us on Facebook to catch the livestreams and subscribe to our mailing list for updates on where our tour will take us next.

To qualify to race at these events, you must post a top time locally on our time trial track (we currently use UTT7 if you want to practice at home). Request access to our Hydra FPV Flyers Facebook group and come to one of our weekly Tuesday night races at Route 47 in Fridley to learn more. 

Weekly Racing @ Route 47

The Twin Cities' first and only weekly #DroneRacing event series will resume on September 11 every Tuesday at Route 47 Pub & Grub in Fridley, MN from 7-830 PM. Come see the sport of the future through the eyes of the pilots 😎 and get great deals on menu items if you can pick the winners. Kids are welcome and they're gonna love it 😍.

To qualify to race at these events, you must post a top time locally on our time trial track (we currently use UTT7 if you want to practice at home). Request access to our Hydra FPV Flyers Facebook group or just come to one of our races at Route 47 to learn more. 

Special Events

Hydra is a tech-startup in Minnesota so occasionally we go out into the startup community to help others who are not familiar with drone racing to experience and get excited about this new sport, as well as promote our major events and the drone racing community at large. These events require pilots, and if you want to get more "stick time", these can be a great way to get a lot of it in some interesting places.

We also participate in a lot of drone-awareness events and partner with the other drone racing organizations around Minnesota, which sometimes calls for pilots to demo racing and interact with the community.

What You Need

Most of our events are currently focused on brining drone racing into existing venues where spectators can engage close up with the pilots, the course and the drones, and make it as approachable as possible. This means the "Tiny Whoop" class of drones (65mm Brushed Quads) is currently what we fly at all of our indoor events, which is also a great starter drone!

New to Drones?

We get asked all the time what does it cost to get started, and just like most things, there is no perfect answer. However, it is pretty universally accepted that you should put time in on a Drone Simulator with a Radio Transmitter before flying the real thing. Grab a FrSky Taranis Q X7 and download Rotor Rush, FPV Freerider or one of the other Quadcopter simulators and get some stick time in risk-free! When you're convinced this is for you , you will need a headset, a 65mm Brushed Quad, a battery charger and lots of batteries!

Initial Costs?

  • FrSky Q X7 Radio Transmitter - $100
    • The FrSky radios are generally accepted as the best. Their entry level transmitter is a fantastic radio for the price and will scale up to larger quads with you.
    • You can plug this radio into your computer and use with all the popular simulators.
    • This radio uses the open-source firmware OpenTX which is fantastic.
  • Beta 65 or 65S Micro Whoop - $90
    • You will need to switch to a circular-polarized clover leaf antenna to fly at our events.
    • The brushed motors also wear out and will need to be replaced occasionally.
    • 6mm vs 7mm motors is an ongoing debate - talk to other pilots before settling on one.
    • Get some additional props while you're at it.
  • 1S HV Batteries - $30
    • $3-$5 per battery is typical. Each battery will give you 3-5 minutes of flight time. Get 6 or more!
    • These will need to be replaced after a while. Get used to buying these.
    • These last longer if you take care of them (don't go below 3.0v, store at 3.8v).
  • 1S HV LiPo Charger w/ wall adapter - $25
    • There are a lot of options here, but this charger is a great on-the-go charger that you can use to transfer power from a larger 3S/4S battery to your 1S batteries without needing to plug in.
  • Eachine Box Goggles / FatShark Dominator V3 Headset - $100 / $300
    • FatSharks are the popular headsets, and for good reason. Immersive, reliable, good FOV and lots of options. Seems like everyone uses the Dominator V3...
    • Your headset, alongside your radio, are your two pieces of equipment the you will use with every quad you fly. Spending some extra money to get the best, if you can, is well worth the investment.

The above suggestions are just suggestions. We recommend coming to a race and talking to the pilots about their gear and why they chose what they did! It's a great way to learn about the technology and make some new friends! Also like any addiction, you will likely spend more than this once you get get going, so plan accordingly.


These suggestions were last updated April 15th, 2018.

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