Hydra Drone League - Rules and Requirements 

*No prior drone experience is required or needed*

A Hydra Drone League team requires a minimum of four (4) student pilots from grades 6-12. Some exceptions will be made for students in grade 5 and below.

Hydra will assign an expert local pilot mentor for each team.

Each student pilot will build and race their own Hydra Spec Racer with parts provided in the Hydra Pilot Kit (see details below) with guidance from their pilot mentor.

Only Hydra Spec Racers will be allowed to race at Hydra Drone League events.

Teams will be required to bring at least four (4) sets of FPV goggles, transmitters, and battery chargers to use at Hydra Drone League events. All are included in the optional Hydra Gear Bundle (see below) or a team may elect to provide their own equivalent gear.

Each Hydra Drone League team will be scheduled for one (1) team race event per month in January, February, and March 2020. Each team will also be invited to compete in the 2nd annual state tournament in April or May 2020 (date TBD).



Incl. their own Build-and-Race “Tiny Whoop” Micro-FPV Drone Kit to build and keep (weight = 1 oz.) + drone case + unlimited simulator access + custom team jersey

$1,000 = TEAM FEE (minimum 4 student pilots per team)

Incl. League Fee + Mod Kit (USB firmware flashers + various motors and props) + Flex Cash for spare parts needed throughout the season


For schools new to FPV in need of gear, this *OPTIONAL* Gear Bundle incl. FPV Goggles + Transmitter Set + battery charger + gear case (each team will need at least four gear bundles *OR EQUIVALENT* for league competitions)

Please contact stem@hydrafpv.com with any questions about Hydra Drone League rules and requirements.

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