Privacy Policy

We don't do anything with your data really. We don't sell it, we don't look at it (except where needed to make things work or provide support), and we absolutely do not give it away for free.

We do our best to keeps things secure, but by no means are we perfect, so you shouldn't put sensitive data anywhere in our apps if possible. We DO encrypt your password (we do NOT store it in plaintext). That said, we still suggest, as good password policy, that if you do create an account with Hydra, you use a unique password that is not used anywhere else. Anything can be decrypted given enough computing power.

We do track your visits to our site a bit for anonymous analytics to help us understand how people use our stuff. We do our best to respect Do-Not-Track settings and make reasonable efforts to make sure the analytical data we do collect does not contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information). The less we know the better.

We do reserve the right to change these gentlemen policies at any time as we see fit. We will do our best to notify you of any changes should they impact you.

Bottom line: do not trust us to keep your stuff private. We will do our best, but you need to take responsibility for what information you provide us.

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